Jame Shifu was born in Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province, which is a small city in China specializing the production of all kinds of knives. Jame’s family is a family specializing in the production of knives too. Since Jame lives in a knife world, he has attracted by different knives since primary school. After graduation from the university, Jame went to a local factory to learn how to make the knives, not for wages, just to learn superb technology.After 10 years of apprenticeship, Jame started his own business, carrying his original dream, carrying the industry culture, all the way to the future…… With exquisite skills and loyalty to customers, Jame ShiFu has become famous in hand-made knife industry, many collectors are mad for his knives, collect each knife once Jame design new model .For those who knew him late, they could only look at his previous works and sigh. Because the old models are no longer produced, the past time is gone forever. For handmade knives lovers, knife collection lovers, in order to save your regrets, get that one if you love it, Jame Shifu knives will definitely give you surprise!


Jame ShifuJame ShiFu factory has been opened more than 10 years. More than thousands models had been produced. Each of them is designed by Jame ShiFu. Unique model in the world.


Lots of customers wondering: can I buy any previous items?

Because all old items are not available anymore. If you want to customize, we can produce for you at MOQ 200pcs.


Because all knives in our factory are handmade, there are lots of customer asking, why are you insist on hand-made, not use machine to produce in large quantity?

Jame Shifu insist on hand-made, this is a conditional cultural. We want to this kind of handwork technical can be passed to next generation.